Survived Another Day by CJ Price (MP3)

Survived Another Day by CJ Price (MP3)


Survived another day by CJ Price
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A message from the artist
” Once we were Soldiers  is a great cause to help those from the Armed Forces  who fall on hard times for whatever reason.
We owe them a lot and as a Singer/Songwriter I wanted to help and that is the reason I wrote this song, it is a song with a message, a short story if you like of a day in their life. It has no thrills and is what it is.
I also class it as some sort of payback for what they all do for our Country, I say payback because any money it earns will go to ‘Once we were Soldiers ‘ to carry on with their cause.
I hope you like the song and if so download it for a small fee.  
Play it through headphones if you like and hopefully take in the words more.
Thankyou for reading this,
Best Regards to all.
 Chris Price”

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