What We Do

Once, We Were Soldiers provides support for former serving members of  the British Armed Forces.

Our service is aimed towards homeless veterans, those facing homelessness and veterans that have fallen on hard times.  We will provide support for veterans who have served during ALL former conflicts.

Once, We Were Soldiers is run entirely by volunteers – nobody receives a wage for the important work they do.


What do we do?

  • Provide emergency support, shelter, food and clothing
  • Provide access to short term and long term accommodation and ultimately a permanent address
  • Signposting service –  to access the correct medical treatment for Mental health, PTSD and drug/alcohol rehabilitation
  • Ensure the correct receipt of financial entitlement – Pensions and Benefits
  • Liaise with other charities and organisations to provide the best support available


Who do we help?

  • Veterans of HM Armed Forces – anyone who has served his/her country for more than one day


Our Ultimate Goal

  • To open one or more fully functional transition centres in the UK

Our transition centres will provide training and support for Armed Forces personnel who are about to embark on their journey of resettling into civilian life.  It will be a stop gap between military and civilian life.  This is the part we believe is missing, the majority of Armed Forces personnel are not prepared for life outside the Forces and find it extremely difficult to adjust.

We will provide:

  • Accommodation
  • Preparation for life on ‘Civvie’ street – even the basics of cooking a meal!
  • Financial advice
  • Employment support
  • Medical support for physical and mental health issues
  • Outreach support
  • Telephone support
  • Drop in centre

When a veteran leaves us he/she will be fully prepared to tackle life on Civvie Street, will be an asset to their community and most importantly will have the life they deserve after their service.


Your donations will help us to continue our work and to reach our ultimate goal – Please give generously, we can’t do this without you!

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